How to make a site like this

1. You need a webhost that will allow you to have multiple domains and multiple SQL databases. I’ve found Hostmonster to be very good. There was a good offer at the time I subscribed and the Dollar/Sterling exchange was favourable. It’s best to compare deals right now.

2. You need to buy a domain name and enter the DNS details of your webspace host. The domain name company I use is Namecheap. They’ve been very good because they’re inexpensive – $10.29 for a .com for one year as I write this. I can add funds to my account using PayPal. At the time I’m writing this, they give me free WhoisGuard protection if I want it and a free domain lock which stops someone unexpectedly snatching my domain name.

3. You map that domain name to your webspace. Hostmonster has a control panel with a domain manager so you can make a new subdirectory in your public_html folder and map the name to that.

4. If you don’t already have one, set up an account on eBay now. You’ll need a Personal ID number to set up your store and get commission for the things you sell via tracking. A PayPal account may also be useful.

5. Join the eBay Partner Network. You’ll need this account number to get paid.

6. For an easier option, you may like to buy Build a Niche Store (BANS) which is the set of scripts that enables you to make your own store which brings together all these ebay auction items. It’s really easy to use BANS and Hostmonster is set up to make it easy to have multiple stores if you decide you want to do this in future.

Other things to consider:
– If you decide to have ads alongside your store, set yourself up an account with Google AdSense
– If you want to pay for traffic to your website, set yourself up a pay-per-click account with Google AdWords
– You may want to set up some content alongside your store using WordPress or a constantly-updating aggregated RSS feed such as CARP.


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