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History of Glashutte

Glashütte began with timepieces in 1843. Ferdinand Adolph Lange wrote a letter to the Royal Saxon government detailing a plan to open a watch manufacturing facility in Glashütte and begin instructing apprentices. What became so unique regarding this plan was having the apprentices focus on just one specialization. This enabled the establishment of an industry in Glashütte. Lange had lately come back from Switzerland, where he’d seen this way of working succeeding. It was different than conventional German watchmaking, however the Royal Saxon authorities appreciated what they read, and agreed to lend a large sum of money to enable Lange to kick start his plan. Moritz Grossman, Julius Assmann, and Adolf Schneider (who, along with F. A. Lange, are seen as the fathers of Glashütte watchmaking) also started out making watches in Glashütte, and the industry grew from there. Read more…


GUB Glashütte watch uk


Some of the models which are or have been listed for sale on this page include: Caliber 69.1 Legendary Wrist Watch 60s, Militär Flugzeugborduhr Cal 71 Baujahr 1960 Uhr, Spezichron-Gold Uhr Automatik Traum-Zustand!, 17 Rubis, 17 Rubis, 17 Rubis Herrenuhr, Automat 23 Rubis, Automatik Herrenuhr, Eta 2892-2 Sehr Selten, Ungetragen, Bison Caliber 75 Spezimatic Wrist, Caliber 75, Gub, Herrenuhr Chronograph, Kal. 64, Mit Flyback Funktion, Ca 1959, Kaliber 64, Lange Caliber 28, Navimatic, Original, Original Spezimat, Original Sport, Q1, Spezichron, Spezichron 22 Rubis Wert, Spezimatic, Spezimatic, Spezimatic 26 Rubis, Spezimatic Bison 26 Rubis, Spezimatic Kal 75, Spezimatic Preis, Uhrenbetriebe , Schöne Sportsmaster Uhr Aus 90-1994, 28, 28.1, 60.1, 64, and 75, gub cal 28
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Gold, rubies and stainless steel. Both mens and ladies watches for sale. Some are vintage used, others are new old stock (NOS) and others are just brand new. All watches arel subject to availability.