Sinn watches UK buying is quite rare as most of the buying happens in Germany and the US. But it is possible to get hold of this German watch in the UK:

About Sinn watches UK buying

Sinn Spezialuhren GmbH & Co. KG was established in 1956 by Helmut Sinn, offering mainly pilot watches and chronographs. In 1994, Helmut Sinn sold his company to Lothar Schmidt, who used to work with IWC. Later Helmut Sinn became owner of the Guinand, Chronosport and Jubilar brands. Here is a link to the official Sinn website.

These unique technical solutions for some of the  most challenging environments available have led to the creation of an extraordinary range of lusted-after, beautifully-designed German watches. They are tough and ideal for all situations – from the ocean depths  to the emptiness of space.

Sinn actually began making flight watches based on Helmut’s extensive aviation experience. The design choices he took were based on his dissatisfaction with the watches that were available for aviators and navigators at that time. Sinn’s own designs incorporated the features and functionality that he felt suited an instrument watch. This is a design philosophy that has underpinned the company’s designs right through to today.

sinn watches uk photo
Photo of Sinn watches UK by tacoekkel

Here’s a list of the models most often searched for:
903 St B E – The Navigation Chronograph SIN 237
103 St Sa RB Limited Edition 100 Pieces SIN 228
103 Ti Diapal on Bracelet SIN 227
103 Titanium DIAPAL 103 SIN 92a
140 A on Bracelet SIN 200
140 A SIN 198
140 St S SIN 210
212 KSK Special Forces Command SIN 225
358 Wristwatch DIAPAL 358 SIN 100a
6000 The Frankfurt Finanzplatzuhr 6000 SIN 34
900 Flieger GMT Chronograph 900 SIN 78a
903 Automatic Chronograph 903 SIN 48a
903 Automatic Pilot Watch 903 SIN 44a
956 Automatic Pilot 956 SIN 55a
956 Pilot Chronograph 956 SIN 49a
EZM 1.1 EZM 1
EZM 1.1 on Steel Bracelet EZM 1
EZM 10 SIN 102a
EZM 12 Air Rescue Service – SIN 229
EZM 13 on Leather Strap SIN 205
EZM 13 on Steel Bracelet SIN 206
Flieger 356 II Pearl Finish 356 II SIN 10
Flieger 756 UTC DIAPAL Leather Strap SIN 27
Flieger Wristwatch 756 UTC DIAPAL 756 UTC DIAPAL SIN 26
Flieger Wristwatch 757 UTC 757 UTC SIN 63b
Flieger Wristwatch 757 UTC DIAPAL 757 UTC DIAPAL SIN 74a
Modell NaBo 56/8 SIN 61
T1 Automatic Mission Timer Divers Watch – SIN 201
T1 Automatic Mission Timer Divers Watch – The EZM 14 SIN 197
T2 Automatic Mission Timer Divers Watch – The EZM 15 on Bracelet SIN 204b
T2 Automatic Mission Timer Divers Watch – The EZM 15 on Silicone Strap SIN 204
U1000 Automatic Chronograph U1000 SIN 69a
U1000 S Automatic Chronograph U1000 S SIN 73a
U1000 SDR Automatic Chronograph U1000 SDR SIN 73a
U2 S Divers Automatic Wristwatch U2 S SIN 83a
U2 S Divers Automatic Wristwatch. SIN 83b